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How to Subscribe | 如何訂閱

Published onJul 02, 2020
How to Subscribe | 如何訂閱

You're viewing an older Release (#19) of this Pub.

  • This Release (#19) was created on Apr 16, 2023 ()
  • The latest Release (#22) was created on Dec 03, 2023 ().

Subscribe via RSS, Newsletter, Twitter, Github or Telegram Channel

  • Anyone may subscribe via our main RSS or Podcast RSS for all updates.
    任何人都可通過主網站 RSS播客 RSS 訂閱我們的全部更新。

  • If you’d like to get updates delivered to your Email inbox, please subscribe here.

  • We are also on Twitter and Mastodon.
    我們也在 Twitter Mastodon 出沒。

  • If you are used to WeChat, you can get notified about on updates via Zhubai.

  • All our open source projects can be found on Github.
    我們所有的開源項目可在 Github 上找到。

  • Telegram Channel: here.
    Telegram 頻道:這裏

Subscribe via Podcast Apps

  • If you are an Android user and use none of the apps above, click here.

  • You may also try search the keyword "wujimacha"1 or manually subscribe to our feed via the Podcast RSS in other third-party podcast apps.
    你亦可嘗試在任何泛用型播客軟體中搜索「wujimacha」關鍵字2訂閱,或通過手動添加我們的播客RSS 進行訂閱。


  • 如果你是蘋果用戶,且帳戶隸屬於中國區,直接搜索「wujimacha」將無法找到我們的節目。請通過從系統自帶播客軟體手動訂閱我們的 Podcast RSS 來獲得更新:

  • 如果你使用的是國內定製安卓系統(小米,華為等),可以先嘗試從這裡下載 Pocket Casts 軟體,之後搜索「wujimacha」訂閱。

  • 另外你也可以在小宇宙進行訂閱。


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