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Submission Guideline

Published onOct 10, 2021
Submission Guideline

1. An Invitation

Since the dawning of the digital era, the living space of man has been gradually and unconsciously replaced by the growing domain of data exchange, solely for the sake of efficiency and functionality. Thinking and Literature, as the most important forms of social life, have become groundless thereby.

In order to secure a dwelling place for these activities, we decide to receive contributions (both in English and Chinese) in the name of WūJīMāChā Essay+, with no limitations on theme, material, and inclination. But the major focus will be on various forms of literature (poetry, prose, novels) and its criticism, as well as works of thought and its criticism.

All approved submissions will be published on the WūJīMāChā Essay main website, and will follow the terms under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC BY 4.0)

We believe that the present age is the same as the past, in which man would have to respond to its essential problems and hidden turbulences with the strength of his spirit.

From the Editors of WūJīMāChā Essay+

2. Submission Guideline

2.1 Submit Format

2.11 For literary works other than Literature, submission format should follow the rules provided by the Modern Language Association: see details.

2.12 For Literature and non-literal works, the format is not limited.

2.2 How to Submit (A Step-by-Step Guide)

2.21 Use your Email address to create an account on our main website:


2.22 Check your Email and click the sign-up link (pleaes check spam folder if necessary):


2.23 Complete your personal info to create your account:


2.24 The website will direct you to the following page; please click “Create Pub“:


2.25 Upload your formatted submission to the online editor, and please be sure to leave your contact info (Email) at the beginning of the draft. Then click “Request Publication“:


2.26 Let us know if there is anything else we should know, and hit “Create Review“:


2.27 Submission complete! Our editors will contact you via Email regarding the follow-up.


2.3 Review Cycle, Feedback and Publication

Our editors will respond to your submission within one month from the date of submission. If the submission got approved, we would work together for another 1 or 2 rounds on editing, proofreading and typesetting, before final publishing.

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