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[23E02] 消費人生經歷的「數字遊民」 | Digital Nomad: Consuming Life Experiences

Published onAug 27, 2023
[23E02] 消費人生經歷的「數字遊民」 | Digital Nomad: Consuming Life Experiences

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Life & Work|生活 & 工作

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Summary | 概述

The digital nomad identity could turn wanderers into voracious consumers - not of goods, but of life experiences. When they wield money yet spurn genuine engagement with the local land and its people, destinations commodified, cultures deteriorated. People chance slipping into the abyss of being transient guests for life, never lived.

Responsible and thus sustainable tourism ensures a possibility for sincere dialogue between cultures, but it demands both visitors and locals to keep a warm and open heart.

(Recording in Mandarin Chinese)




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